Updating Your fine selves

Howdy Peeps ! It’s been a lil while so I thought A lil update was in order

If you have not seen it yet ,go on to you tube and type Slick Minded Individuals RMA Tavern or Play @ the RMA. Thiis was one of our best shows and is a real testament to the SMI Flavour ,Groove and Vibe, We were all firing on all cylinders at that show so be sure to check it out !

Denmead sk8 jam was cancelled which was a shame

We have fresh gigs coming up so check em out in the Live section !

Also we have been working very hard on polishing and completing the SMI Production Album THE SMISLE it’s a huge collection of all the tracks produced by Ritz and oh dub and features Jasper D,MC +A, Marky P and gnu purple of guests. Cuts from DJ Anode. It is not a realease from the full band but is full of Flavour And shows The Talents of all whom have contributed to It

Peace up people and keep yo eyes and ears peeled for MORE